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K-2 Chart Sense: Common Sense Charts to Teach K-2 Informational Text and Literature
Title: K-2 Chart Sense
Author: Rozlyn Linder
ISBN: 9780988950542

Classification: Non-fiction
Themes: classroom, visual support.

What's it about?
This is a book which is about how to introduce a concept or just kick-start discussions with students in new ways. This book is great for giving that initial visual to start off a discussion, unit of work or model a task.

The book itself is divided into the following sections:
1. Ask and answer questions
2. Main topics and messages
3. Characters and connections
4. Word play
5. Text features
6. Authors, illustrators, and narrators
7. Beyond text
8. Supporting reasons
9. Multiple texts

You might be thinking to yourself "How can I use it?" so let me give you an example. Section 3 looks at characters and one activity (page 82-83) is all about getting students to understand what a character is (sounds simple but I have had students mix up characters with settings before). I have posted the page below (apologies for the faded bit but many pages came like that)

Page 82-83 from K-2 Chart Sense

Below are the recommended books for this activity - personally I would use the David Shannon books as they are a hit with the students every time.

A Bad Case of Stripes [With Book]   David Gets in Trouble  Gingerbread Baby   Little Red Writing   Wilma Jean the Worry Machine

You get a brief rundown of how to introduce the activity and what to do. Underneath it there are recommended texts and on the opposite page you get the example - it couldn't be easier to follow. Also, the book is extremely well organised which is handy for teachers in a rush.

The streaks over the pages are a nuisance.The copy I received had many, many pages it. Some I can work around but other pages I can't.

My Recommendation...

Borrow It
This is a fantastic book that I would especially recommend to teaching graduates. The written and visual information is easy to follow and implement in the classroom.

The only reason I have marked this as a "Borrow" and not "Buy" is the printing issues of streaks.

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  1. I second the recommendation for David Shannon! Though my students didn't like the ending in David Goes to School - getting a sticker for doing the wrong thing was not right in their books!