A Place for Zero: Book Review

Title: A Place for Zero
Author: Angeline Sparagna LoPresti
ISBN: 9781570911965

Classification: Fiction
Themes: maths, adventure, identity

What's it about?
This is a story about Zero. At the beginning of the story he wonders who he is and how he fits in as he feels he doesn't have a purpose like other numbers. As his journey continues he discovers just how important the number 0 is in math - especially to make larger numbers.

I like the idea behind the story and at the beginning it is engaging. The illustrations are appealing to students up to about grade 3.

I wanted to love this book but it was far too long to hold the attention of younger children - even I struggled to maintain my attention. The main issue I have with the book is that it tries to cover too much in one book - place value, addition, multiplication, division...it's information overload. While the illustrations are great for younger students, many older students may find the book childish.

My Thoughts...

Avoid It
This book and it has the right idea but tries to do too many things making it long and it isn't engaging enough. I am actually sorry I purchased it.

A Place for Zero: A Math Adventure

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