David Goes to School: Book Review

Title: David Goes to School
Author: David Shannon
ISBN: 9780590480871

Classification: Fiction
Themes: school, rules, humour

What's it about?
Another adventure of David! This book follows David to school where he learns that there are just as many rules there as there are at home. He is ever so keen to give things a go - such as painting and eating with others but it never quite works out for the better.

This book continues in the David tradition of unique and fun illustrations. It is a story that students relate to quickly and enjoy.

There is one flaw in this book and it is a big one! Towards the end of the story David draws on a table and gets told by the teacher to stay after school and clean it (I have no problem with that) but then she tells him he did a "good job" and gives him a gold star! Most students didn't have a problem with it until one of my grade 2 students quietly put up his hand to say that it wasn't fair he got rewarded for doing the wrong thing. If you are going to use this book in the classroom then you need to ready to negate this.

My Thoughts...

Consider It
This is an engaging book that appeals to both children and adults. It is a pity that the reward is in there as otherwise this would be a perfect complement to any library.

David Goes to School

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