Trouble Talk: Book Review

Title: Trouble Talk
Author: Trudi Ludwig
ISBN: 9781582462400

Classification: Fiction with social skills
Themes: friendship, gossiping, feelings

What's it about?
Bailey loves to talk about herself but enjoys spreading gossip about people she knows more. Her friend Maya wants to be Bailey's friend but can see how what Bailey says affects others. She tries to be a good friend but then Bailey starts talking about Maya behind her back and she needs to consider what makes a good friend....

This book is well paced and lets the illustrations do a lot of the talking and are not too young for the age it is targeting. It opens up for lots of discussion about feelings in particular with the varied vocabulary. The ending as well gives a good real-life ending rather than a "happily-ever-after" one which would undermine the story.

You will always have that one child in the class who will think it doesn't apply to them but after reading this book I find others in the class will pull them up which may lead to conflict in the class - best be prepared for it in case.

My Thoughts...

Use It
This book has a lot of relevance for girls in particular when they start spreading rumours. It illustrates the motives but also how it affects the victim and others who hear it. If you are teaching social skills this one is a must and boys enjoy the story, too.

Trouble Talk

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