Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Book Week 2015: Pig the Pug

Book Week 2015

Pig the Pug by Aaron Blabey is shortlisted by CBCA for the Early Childhood Book of the Year.

The story is about a selfish pug dog named Pig. He shares an apartment with a sausage dog called Trevor who sadly is always on the receiving end of Pig's bad temper. All Trevor wants is one toy of his own but Pig is determined that they are all his.

https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/185188651/easy-to-sew-felt-pdf-pattern-diy-harold?ref=marketPhoraminiphera @ Etsy has this adorable and easy to make felt pug PDF pattern for sale (currently $5.52 AUD)

Literacy: Retelling

Time: 2 x 40 min lessons (depending if you pre-cut materials)

To create a puppet and use it to retell a story

felt (2 x colours - tan and brown), googly eyes, stuffing (if making toy), glue (making puppet)

How to:
- All instructions are provided in the PDF pattern and are simple enough to follow. My preference is to use googly eyes though for a bit more fun.

Lesson ideas:
I would use the puppet version to retell the story to younger children or the class. Each student could also use them to create their own new story about Pig.

Romi @ My Little Story Corner has several teaching and activity ideas for science, writing, mathematics and craft on her page.

Time: 1 x 60 min (create and experiment)

Objective:To conduct and accurately record an investigation

Materials:paper, straws, sticky tape, pencils
Kimberly @ Learn Create Love has this free template to print and create of a pug and a dachshund.

Time: 1 x 60 min

paper / cardboard

Lesson ideas: 
- After a pug has been made write a list of all the ways Pig behaved badly towards Trevor.

- Write on Pig the moral of the story (if it is in rhyme - all the better!)

- Write a poem (using rhyme) to describe what he was like

- Compare Trevor and Pug using the crafts
First Palette has this free cube template.

Lesson ideas:
- have each student decorate the box in preparation for Pig giving Trevor a special gift to make up for being so selfish.


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