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Book Week 2015: My Two Blankets

Book Week 2015

My Two Blankets by Irena Kobald (illustrations by Freya Blackwood) is shortlisted by CBCA for the Picture Book of the Year.

This fictional book is about a girl who leaves everything behind in her native country to start a new life in another. She finds the new country very different and struggles to interact with others to make friends because she can't understand what is being said. Until one day, she meets a girl...and a new blanket begins.
Lamont Books has free teaching and discussion notes.

Crayola has this free template for a "My Friends' Heritage Quilt'. You could either have students draw snapshots of their life. Or better yet, have them fill it in with where they were born (cities are good if the majority (or all) of your students were born in the same country), their family, something about themselves and somewhere in the world they'd like to visit one day.


Clever Patch has this alternative quilt block that you could use in a similar way for free.

Or, if you already own Sheena Cameron's Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies then you will have the hexagon quilt pattern. What I love about this one is that it provides you with space around the edge to write a descriptive sentence and information or a picture in the centre.

See the example to the right of how effective they look on display. This is from YouCleverMonkey.

D.Maps has a collection of free maps to download and use. A great activity if you have students from a wide variety of backgrounds would be to have them locate and colour their country of birth. Otherwise you could have them mark on where their mother and father (or other parents) were born. I have done a similar activity with a large map pinned to a board.

The Little Big Book Club has a ready to use free printable for an activity that explores how each of the characters is feeling.

Use the template to explore how the girls felt when they first met - confusion on one side and disappointment on the other.

Meaningful Mama has a wonderful activity where she has written general positive qualities about what a friend should have/be onto popsticks. She places these inside a baby wipes box (you could use anything along that line or even a bag). The students write their own list and then one at a time draw out a popstick and cross it off the list. Would make for a good discussion for the qualities that were not in the box.

Elementary School Counseling has a free download of "The Key to Being a Good Friend". Each student writes their own opinion. Makes for a fantastic display.

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