Handing Over the Baton

It's that time of year here in Australia when reports are written and classes for 2016 are set and ready to go with just a couple of weeks left until the end of the school year. Many classes begin the daunting task of finishing off work, sorting through trays and lockers, and then the dreaded fill-in tasks begin!

This activity was introduced to me by a colleague who was teaching next door to me at the time. I found it to be a fantastic activity and have completed it every year since. To me, this is the perfect end of year activity as it has meaning, is creative and allows for the teacher who will be gaining each student to have a sample of work to consider over the holiday 'break'.

Here's how it works...

At this point all students are unaware of who their teacher will be in the next year. Instruct the students to write a letter introducing themselves to their new teacher. A brainstorming of ideas is good for the kids who 'can't think of anything to write'. Usually the following are listed on the whiteboard...

* name
* age
* likes
* dislikes
* what you want to do (art is always a popular suggestion here)
* who your friends are
* sports or other hobbies
* dreams for the future

This task is to provide the next year teacher with an accurate snapshot of the student's ability so make it clear that you will not be proof-reading/correcting - it is their responsibility. The letter is drafted in their workbook before they copy it onto a piece of paper.

The last part of the task (and dare I say the students' favourite) is to make an envelope for their letter (A4 paper again) and decorate it (must include their name on the envelope - very important)!

All that is left for you to do as the teacher is sort the envelopes into the relevant pile and hand over to their new teacher. Voila!

Teacher graphic (c) MyCuteGraphics

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