Year of the Monkey

Being organised for the classroom next year is something already on the minds of teachers in Australia as term 4 rapidly draws to a close. For language classrooms it is equally important to be looking for resources relevant to the upcoming year to brighten the class and make it look and feel a little different than this year.

Next year, 2016, will be the Year of the Monkey and in order to brighten up your classroom please consider these bunting sets. They come in full colour and also include three blackline versions (in case you prefer to have students decorate them and display in the classroom). Choose to either print the colour versions, laminate and display on a wall (using Blu-Tac), punch a hole on either side at the top and thread onto a wire/ many possibilities.

Here's what I have on offer...

If you teach in a junior primary/primary (elementary if you are in the US) then you might prefer this set:

If you teach in a high school then you should find this set more appropriate (and it includes 4 blacklines!):

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