Flight: Book Review

Title: Flight
Author: Nadia Wheatley
ISBN: 9781922081483

Classification: Fiction
Themes: war, refugee, journey

What's it about?
This story is about a couple fleeing their homeland with their newborn baby. They travel across dangerous territory in order to reach a safe place in hopes of beginning a new life in a new home.

It has a good intention of showing what a refugee may have faced before being resettled elsewhere.

The book comes across as a little depressing (due to the black and white illustrations) which may not be appropriate for young students.

My Thoughts...

Consider It
I actually read this one over a month ago but really didn't know what to make of it. I have read some people drawing connections between Flight and the biblical story of Joseph and Mary - me, I didn't see that connection at all. To me it is connecting more with modern times and the civil wars that are displacing so many from their homes. I did get the sense of it being based in the Middle East...but this is my problem with the book...it's all a bit subjective.

I think this story is meant to move emotions...to elicit sympathy and compassion for the two unnamed adults and the baby boy. I find it incredibly difficult to connect to stories that have characters without a name. Perhaps the author is not giving them names in order to show how it could apply to many situations...but for me it doesn't work.

The story is okay. At times it was a bit interesting. The ending...well, it is the most likely scenario that a refugee family would be in a centre/camp for many years before finding a new home somewhere - so on that point it got the realism there. The journey though...I just didn't feel anything for this book.

Personally it is not one I'd recommend. Perhaps if there had been a glimmer of colour (for a glimmer of hope) on the final page it might have had a bit more potential. I get what the message is trying to say but I think for younger kids this is just not a good choice: grade 3+ - maybe. The black and white illustrations are just too overwhelming...too much dread...too much sadness...too...I don't know, it just doesn't create the mood needed for this story.

This is one you really have to read for yourself to decide if you could use it.


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