Countdown to the Last Day of Kindergarten!

The countdown is on!

This year has been incredibly busy with both the kids at kindy and me taking on additional work. An added bonus this year is that I am convinced my family caught every cold that decided to cross our path. I am hoping now that spring has arrived that maybe all three of us can catch a cold-free break.

I am still working behind the scenes to get the 2018 posts uploaded again. An unreliable wi-fi connection and my Windows 10 updating (again) has made the process incredibly slow (and painful for me). This morning I managed to update just two in four hours. 

These are some new reviews coming this month including: 
In the meantime, I have just finished these for my children. I haven't put them in my Classroom Kitty store as I'm not sure of the term lengths for classes around the world, but I'm happy to adjust if you need something similar and upload.

The Kindy Countdown is for my children to mark-off how many days until the final kindy day. Like a lot of children mine are a little over kindy now and really wanting to get to school. Such an issue has this been that it's taken a bit to keep them going (though they adore kindy once they're there). 

Look out for the new posts soon!

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