Unicorn Training: Book Review

Tilly Teasel loves working at the Unicorn Rescue Centre but what she really wants, more than anything else is a unicorn of her very own.

Title: Unicorn Training
Author: Amanda Brandon
Illustrator: Mike Byrne
ISBN: 9780711251199          Language: English

Classification: Fiction
Type: Picture Book
Themes: perseverance, pets, problem-solving

What's it about?
When Splodge shows up at the centre, looking a bit scruffy and a little sad, Tilly decides he’s perfect! When she brings him home, however, Mr. and Mrs. Teasel aren’t so convinced especially when he eats Mr. Teasel’s slippers, whines all night and gets sparkly hoof prints all over the couch! 

Will Tilly convince her parents that all Splodge needs is a little training?

This is a relatable story with colourful and engaging illustrations.

I predict you will be reading this one over and over as a bedtime story...

My Thoughts
Scheduled for release on the 19th of November 2019 from Quarto Publishing.

Unicorns are big this year, maybe they're big every year and it's just that this year I have a horse-mad-turned-unicorn-and-pegasus-mad daughter. Whatever the reason for the fascination with unicorns my daughter thought this book was the "Best story ever!" - so if you have a unicorn-obsessed child aged five then you should pop this book on your Christmas shopping list now!

This story is really about the ups and downs of owning a pet, especially when it first arrives. Having recently adopted two kittens into our horse I could actually relate to a lot of this despite having owned animals before!

While the book is light-hearted it really is a great book to look at perseverance. Sometimes you need to practice something over and over again in order to get it right. This is such an important lesson that children need to learn and I think makes this an ideal choice of book for the start of the year classroom activities. This is reinforced by Tilly who is about to give up, trying something new and finding it got her closer to her goal - essential problem-solving skills.

Another big plus about this book is the activity page at the back of the book! While my daughter easily answered that one this book is inspiring her to write a new unicorn story (I think this is her third recently!) about herself and a new unicorn. This is what makes the book for me worth the investment. This activity could be replicated in the classroom with students writing their own book about a new pet of their choice which I guess would include a fair share of sharks, dinosaurs, and dragons.

A wonderful book for home or the classroom.

A very special thank you to Quarto Publishing via Net Galley for granting my wish to see this book as an ARC!


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