Tricky Words Race Track Activity

Learning the English language can be tricky with words that can't be sounded out. 

My son recently asked for an activity to help learn some tricky sight words. He asked if I would make it race car themed and so I made a set.

We practise sight words every night and mark off the ones they know with a pen or marker. If I was using these in the classroom I would definitely laminate them.

There are a couple of ways we use these.

* I read the word and my son repeats it
* we do a second round where he can drive his car to the words he recognises and can read

* He races his car around the track reading each word in turn. We stop only if he gets a word wrong.
* This can be extended to timing it

There are two versions of the word sheets included as my kids have a habit of memorising the order versus reading the words. It also helps to use it as a pre- and post-assessment.

Overall, he enjoys the combination of movement and reading and it keeps the activity fun.

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