Boandik Language: Animals

Boandik (Bunganditj) Language

Animals are a part of many of our daily lives. I have cats and frogs as pets but many others have dogs, chickens and even goats! This is a small word wall set that has the following animals: Animals: dog, puppy, cow, duck, geese, hen, sheep and turkey.

Anchor Charts

K-2 Chart Sense: Common Sense Charts to Teach K-2 Informational Text and Literature
Title: K-2 Chart Sense
Author: Rozlyn Linder
ISBN: 9780988950542

Classification: Non-fiction
Themes: classroom, visual support.

Boandik Language: Ocean Theme

Boandik / Bunganditj language resources with an ocean theme. Finding language resources can be hard work!

Telling the Time in a Digital World

Mathematics: Time

Telling the time is an area which some students pick up very easily and others struggle. I can remember as a kid being so excited when Mum agreed to buy me my first ever watch - it was a Little Mermaid / Ariel watch with water in the face and a starfish that floated. There was a proviso though put on this item

Boandik Language: Colours

Boandik (Bunganditj) Language
Here is my second posting of word wall cards featuring the Boandik language. This time I have created a set of colour words.

Boandik Language: Creepy Crawlers

Including native languages into a classroom is usually straightforward...Unless of course there is limited information and resources available. Such is the case for the Mount Gambier aboriginal Boandik (Bunganditj) Language.

First Week Ideas: Part 2

Walk In My Shoes going through a folder today I found my transition "getting to know you" activity. I have used this activity in grades 1-3 and found it to be very versatile.

First Week Ideas: Part 1

Sorting through the endless boxes of school resources I have been thinking a lot about the activities that I do in the first week with students. It is the time that you spend getting to know the students and get a feel about the dynamics the class may have as a whole. Like most teachers I do many activities so I think it is best to look at them one at a time.

Snail and Turtle Are Friends: Book Review

Snail and Turtle are Friends. A story of friendship by Stephen Michael King. Read the review at Miss Jenny's ClassroomFriendship. Snail and Turtle are friends. They don't like everything each other does; or do what each other does all the time. But they do like being together.


Organising the classroom is always a tough task as it depends on how much (or little) space you have. Of course, being organised with handouts and diaries is also something I find I need to stay on top of - so I did what any savvy teacher would do - I looked on Pinterest for ideas!

The Beginning

I am finally taking steps into the world of blogs. I have of course come across others in the past few years while searching for inspiration, but I haven't actually delved into it myself...until now.