Boandik Language: Animals

Boandik (Bunganditj) Language

Animals are a part of many of our daily lives. I have cats and frogs as pets but many others have dogs, chickens and even goats! This is a small word wall set that has the following animals: Animals: dog, puppy, cow, duck, geese, hen, sheep and turkey.

I hope to expand on this set at a later date to include more variety! At the moment though it really is best suited to a farm theme.

Here in Mount Gambier there is a wonderful farm call Echo Farm. It makes for a wonderful little excursion to interact with the animals but also get a taste of a time gone by. The farms charm is predominately from the Federation (that's 1901 for those paying attention) until about 1960. This could be used as a follow-up activity to describe what animals have been seen.


  1. Oh there's no cat card :(

    1. Hi Teddy. Unfortunately not as they have a word for native cat but not cat. I'll keep working on it though!