The Beginning

I am finally taking steps into the world of blogs. I have of course come across others in the past few years while searching for inspiration, but I haven’t actually delved into it myself…until now.
The reason I am starting the blog is because for the first time in years I find myself without a teaching contract. 2015 is open to a whole new experience – although that sounds rather scary in some ways.

About me then…
I am a primary school teacher who went to university later in life (by this I mean my late twenties) after years of working as a school services officer in both classroom support and in libraries. Once I graduated I worked in NIT (non-instructional time) and classroom roles – both in junior primary.

About me now…
This year started a lot of changes in my life, not least because I finally became a mum to two adorable children. I wouldn’t swap either for the world!

The only thing left to say is to let the new journey begin…I hope you come along for the ride.


What do you think?