Alliteration Archetypes
I love alliteration! I can still remember when I was about seven years old that I first heard Peter Piper
and promptly made the decision that I was going to memorise that poem! (and I did, just in case you were wondering).

As I grew up though I was introduced to the wonderful acting of Danny Kaye (by my mum). He truly was an all-round entertainer. One of my favourite scenes is in the movie The Court Jester where he needs to remember which cup the poison has been placed in (it is a matter of life and death!) but the problem is in the message...if you've never watched the scene then here is a link to it on YouTube:

This leads me to how I incorporate alliteration into the classroom. For me handwriting is the perfect opportunity. Too often I heard students complaining about copying "boring" words off the board. Let's face it, a student will write a sentence - not just words - most of the time. As part of my handwriting program they needed to practise upper- and lower-case letters, link-script (I do both modern and "old-fashioned" with grade 2 and up) and instead of words we had a couple of sentences that used alliteration. I then encouraged the students to illustrate the sentence.

Of course, what happens when you get a tricky letter such as X or U? Thinking up sentences for those can be frustrating. I have therefore created a little bundle that contains two versions of sentences with alliteration - one for each letter of the alphabet! One set has the alliterated sound highlighted, the other doesn't.

Hope the pack can bring a smile to your face.

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