No, David!David Gets in TroubleDavid Goes to School
The David books are funny, witty and engaging. I first started using No, David! a couple of years ago after it was a recommended text to use in the Writing Through the Year: Unit 1 by Deedee Wills and Deanna Jump.

My students were instantly charmed by No, David! and begged for more. Initially I purchased the 5 year-old-ish ones and then the Diaper David series.

There isn't a lot of text in these books but words are really necessary, in fact it there were no text I think children could easily tell the story in their own words. These books are a great way of engaging students - in particular boys who are not usually a big fan of books. I also found students I taught that had delayed cognitive function and students who were learning English as a second language also enjoyed the story.

These books were probably the most read that I had in my classroom library when I taught a grade 1/2 composite class.

I do have one criticism about David Goes to School which you can read on my Book Review page.

In terms of activities, I have used them at the start of year when class behaviour rules are decided upon. Last year in a grade 2/3 class we wrote "David Goes to the Library". The students brainstormed sentences for David and then in pairs illustrated them. Once laminated the pages were bound into a book. It was a good communication and social activity that was very successful.

David Smells!   Oh David!: A Diaper David Book   Oops! A Diaper David Book

These are some fantastic activities that are out there that I have used:

Behaviour Sort by The Weekly Sprinkle
          David Goes to the Library by Little Miss Librarian

David Masks by Mitchell Willcox
First Grade Parade
BLOG activities

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  1. I like the mask activity - might be useful for role playing about acceptable behaviours.