What Are We Doing Next?

While "Are we there yet?" is popular on road trips it is nothing compared with twenty-five students all asking at different times: "What's next?", "Do we have an assembly today?" or "When's math?" - okay so maybe not the last!

For me it was one of the most irritating parts of my student teaching days as none (no, not one) of my mentor teachers had anything in the classroom that showed what they were doing that day. One of the first things I therefore sat down to look at was how I wanted to organise my day and how to communicate that to my class.

I knew early on that words wouldn't work for me; I had too many students with learning difficulties and global delay. Pictures add information - so that was a must to help...but I wanted something more.

The first thing I did was check out what was on TPT. Why? Simple, why spend hours creating something if for a couple of dollars you can't just buy one. Unfortunately, I couldn't find what I wanted. I'm a little bit of a perfectionist and as such things like...too many pictures on one card and writing on cards that was different sizes...those features annoyed me. That only left one thing to do!

I created my own. Would you believe I even sat down and created my own little clock image! As times of things change so often I decided that I had to have moving hands (I could have just drawn them on with whiteboard markers but the hands are so much more fun!). Of course, then I thought: "Why not have just time in analogue? What about digital?" and I finally settled on my design. I was very happy with my initial set of cards which covered all the subjects I taught (I added a few as I had requests from other teachers) as well events such as Swimming. I decided recently though to update it with language lessons as well!

This is what the cards look like when laminated and constructed:


I must write that I was very pleased with the final results and have used the same set for three years without the need to replace any cards (or even hands for that matter). If you like what you see you can purchase this set from TPT.

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