Ancient Civilisation Dioramas

Farmer home : Mayan Civilisation
Grade 7 with Learning Difficulties
Materials: paint, cardboard, twigs,
leaf matter and Blu-Tac
I love history. Yes, it is as simple as that. Did I always love history? No. What then changed my opinion?

I have to say that it was a mystery which started it all. I was fascinated by a television show which aired when I was about 5 years old and I remembered it (although by the wrong title) until my childhood. Such an impression this series had that the moment it was released on DVD - I rushed out and purchased it so I could relive my childhood. The series I am writing about was Mysterious Cities of Gold. Yes, I thought Zia was awesome and I wanted to be her! Not to mention the medallion that Esteban wore...ah, the memories.

Managing Behaviour

This is a topic I find very interesting. Why? There are many different opinions for managing student behaviour effectively and to complicate things there is always "supporting" evidence for both sides.

High Schools
Having worked first in high schools I was accustomed to the "do your work and no reward" mindset. After all, you are working with students aged 13 years and above (on average in South Australia). My role in the high school, as a special needs SSO, was to work with students who not only had poor behaviour but were also behind their expected achievement level. Most of the students I worked with, who were boys, did not want help as they didn't want to appear as "dumb" or "stupid" to the others in the classroom.

100th Day Activities and Templates

I had never considered doing anything special for students achieving a certain number of days at school. To be honest I only became aware of the USA trend to celebrate the 100th Day of School in the past few years. It is certainly a good way to introduce math concepts and revise others in the early years of school.


It was one of those things I swore I would never need (you know what I mean, we've all done it) and yet somehow I found myself needing to organise my ideas better. I have countless CDROMs full of ideas and pictures from the internet in a jumbled mess (which I was always going to organise) that I never have time to sift through to find what I need.

Enter: Pinterest