It was one of those things I swore I would never need (you know what I mean, we've all done it) and yet somehow I found myself needing to organise my ideas better. I have countless CDROMs full of ideas and pictures from the internet in a jumbled mess (which I was always going to organise) that I never have time to sift through to find what I need.

Enter: Pinterest

I started small with just a couple of board. I remember a time when I had just one board for all my classroom ideas - ah, the distant memory. Sometimes I wonder if Pinterest doesn't have a life of its own - or maybe it has some magical spell/curse. How many times have I thought: I'll just look up one more thing....forty minutes later - oops!

As a teacher though and homeschooling mum-to-be I have found a use for it. On there I am able to organise my ideas, other people's ideas, things I love and so much more and the best part is - it's always there to go back to. I don't have to worry about a hungry computer having a midnight feast while I am out.

My next goal on there is to organise youtube videos I use in the classroom - I have them bookmarked on the site but I like to have everything organised in one place. You never know, I might get it all done to my satisfaction before I retire.

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  1. I was the same to begin with but Pinterest has come a long way!