The Pale Assassin: Book Review

Eugenie finds her world turned upside down when France is thrown into chaos as the revolution arrives.

Perspective Writing

Writing from a perspective (or point of view) that is not a person is something I have found many students have trouble with. Putting yourself in another person's shoes is one thing but another being altogether is frightening to some.

Most grade 6 and 7 students have a grasp on the English language - enough to tell a story verbally or write one down. I decided to let my class have a little fun with writing while engaging them in learning a bit about science as well.

Buzzy the Bumblebee

Title: Buzzy the Bumblebee
Author: Denise Brennan-Nelson
ISBN: 9781585361663

Classification: fiction
Themes: self belief

Symmetry and Art

Grade 2 work sample
Symmetry is a fun part of mathematics that most students do not mind. Often it is a welcome break from numbers and what better topic to incorporate art.

This lesson was conducted over two 45 minute lessons (and I have also left it for relief teachers in previous years without issue).

Lesson 1

The first lesson revolves around talking and identifying what symmetry is. The samples shown were from a grade 2/3 class. Most had a good idea after a discussion that symmetry means the same but as a mirror image. Most had done the paint on paper and then fold in reception.

Dragonkeeper: Book Review

 A slave girl who doesn't even have a name rescues a dragon from imminent death. She finds herself tasked with protecting a stone and going on a journey with the dragon to the ocean.

Buddy Unchained: Book Review

Buddy is an unhappy dog. Rescued and taken to a shelter he wonders about what else life has in store for him.

The Night We Made the Flag: Book Review

"Mary! Wake up." It s the middle of the night but I must go to Mrs Diamond's to fetch more thread. If I am caught we will all be in trouble. The night we made the Eureka flag is a night I will never forget.

Free Range Children: Independent or Irresponsible?

The joys of parenting have seen me slightly neglect my postings of late! Becoming a parent has meant that there are many things I now consider from a different perspective; though many of my views have not altered.

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

Title: The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind
Author: William Kamkwamba & Brian Melser
ISBN: 9780803735118

Classification: Fiction based on actual events
Themes: problem solving, recycling, science, needs, persistence

The Publishing and Display Handbook

Title: The Publishing and Display Handbook
Author: Sheena Cameron
ISBN: 9781442528512

Classification: Non-fiction - resource
Themes: templates, display

The Spider and the Fly

Title: The Spider and the Fly
Author: Mary Howitt
ISBN: 9781442454545

Classification: ballad with a moral
Themes: trust, stranger danger, social awareness

A Spy in the House: Book Review

Title: A Spy in the House
Author: Y.S. Lee
ISBN: 9780763652890

Classification: Fiction based in the Victorian era
Themes: mystery, detective, history

Changing a Flower's Appearance: Activity

Looking for a new, fun, and educational activity for Mother's or Father's Day this year? Flowers. Yes, grab yourself a white flower or two and come and have a read on how to make them into something special with your class
(and it even combines a bit of science and art)!


Title: Sorry!
Author: Trudi Ludwig
ISBN: 9781582461731

Classification: fiction with realistic story
Themes: social skills, friendship, feelings