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Title: Dragonkeeper
Author: Carol Wilkinson
ISBN: 9781742032450

Classification: Fiction
Themes: history, adventure, identity

What's it about?
It begins in a remote palace in China with a young slave girl. She doesn't know who she is and hates her lowly existence. Things suddenly change for her when she meet Long Danzi, the last wild dragon, and unwittingly escapes from her life in the palace and enters into the big world. Long Danzi is focused on making it to the ocean with a purple stone but they face many perils along the way and the girl wonders if her life will ever be the same.

The mystery surrounding the protagonist is what hooked me in the first place. I kept reading to find out who she was and what would happen to her. She is a likeable character who really grows in confidence during this novel. Long Danzi provides the wisdom and charm, and Hua provides the much needed humour to keep, what is at times a dark story, light. The glossary at the back of the book is a useful addition to any teacher as well. Some might say that the China focus is a little in the background, it probably is but for me it worked well as it made me want to go and find out more about China's history.

I am not fond of the cover below. I have an earlier release which, in my opinion, had a much more attractive cover which was more likely to lure young readers. Some of the chapters (chapter 3 instantly comes to mind) are very long and there are some passages of description which also seem to go on and on and get the picture.

My Recommendation...

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This novel has been well liked by students and myself alike. There is so much to be learnt about ancient China that it opens up many learning opportunities. A great cast of characters that go on an adventure worth joining.

Dragonkeeper (Dragonkeeper)

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  1. My students loved the part when Hua peed on the stone. Lol. Was the highlight of the book for them.


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