Perspective Writing

Writing from a perspective (or point of view) that is not a person is something I have found many students have trouble with. Putting yourself in another person's shoes is one thing but another being altogether is frightening to some.

Most grade 6 and 7 students have a grasp on the English language - enough to tell a story verbally or write one down. I decided to let my class have a little fun with writing while engaging them in learning a bit about science as well.

I started off with a lesson about volcanoes. This involved observing models of the layers of the earth and creating an understanding of why magma rises and falls. Then we watched some excepts from the National Geographic DVD "Nature's Inferno". We specifically watched about pyroclastic flows due to how spectacular they look but also how deadly they can be.

Then came the writing. Surprisingly the boys took to this writing activity with gusto. It was so funny reading their drafts which were filled with humour, dialogue and personification. At the end, once edited they produced a published copy which I stated had to be done by hand. I think they are quite impressive!

grade 6 student's work

grade 7 work by an Indigenous student

grade 6 student's work: part 1
grade 6 student's work: part 2

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