The Publishing and Display Handbook

Title: The Publishing and Display Handbook
Author: Sheena Cameron
ISBN: 9781442528512

Classification: Non-fiction - resource
Themes: templates, display

What's it about?
This is a well organised book (which comes with a CD). It has been organised into different literacy sections with lesson outline, template and completed example that can be used by teachers, or home-schoolers, to enhance learning.

The simplicity of the book withe engaging ideas and ways to make learning literacy concepts fun is great. I also appreciate that the templates come on CD as well making printing much easier.

There are lots of ideas in it...but in the years I have owned it I have only used about five activities. I am not sure if this is because they don't appeal or wouldn't work with junior primary ages.

My Recommendation...

Borrow It
This resource book can be quite expensive. I would suggest if a friend, or the school, has it really have an in-depth look through it before deciding to spend the money. It has lots of great ideas....but implementing them to be relevant and to be completed in a reasonable time-frame may see issues arise.

The Publishing Handbook


  1. I like that the book comes with the templates on CD - saves me so much time!

    1. The CD is great - saves the dreadful spiral marks on the side of the page when photocopied!