A Monster Wrote Me A Letter: Book Review

If a monster writes you letter out of the blue...what exactly should you do?
It's the only polite thing to do today...invite the monster over to play!

Title: A Monster Wrote Me a Letter
Author: Nick Bland
ISBN: 97811741697094

Classification: Fiction with rhyme
Themes: rhyme, friendship, perspective

What's it about?
This is a tale about a monster who writes a letter intended for his cousin but it is delivered instead to the boy who lives in the house (the monster lives under the bed). What follows is a letter from the boy back to the monster and then the thoughts that each is having about the upcoming visit. This story goes back and forth from different viewpoints (the boy and the monster).

This book is a lot of fun. The illustrations are predominately black and white and have as much humour in them as the text. The rhyming helps keep young minds focused and entertained with language that is easily comprehensible, even by little ones.

Nothing to comment on here!

My Thoughts...Use It
I am personally not a fan of Nick Bland but this story I really like.

The story is fun. It is engaging. I have used this book for guided reading lessons with disengaged learners with positive results. The rhyming element opens up for lessons on identifying and creating rhymes. Really, this is an essential book in any junior primary classroom (and brilliant for TRT/relief/substitute teachers!).

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