Feelings: Being Scared

Feelings: Being Scared - a blog post about an activity to discuss what makes people afraid of things. Miss Jenny's Classroom

Most people are scared of something in their life – what that ‘something’ is will vary from person to person. This activity looks at ways to discus the feelings of being afraid in a classroom setting.

One of the areas that must be covered in the classroom is about being scared/afraid. I find that with young children (I taught R-2 at the time) this can be a tricky topic to cover. You need to make children aware of what makes them feel afraid without actually making them…scared.

Before I go further, this topic is necessary if you live in South Australia, like I do, and work as a teacher. By now you should have heard of the Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum (KS:CPC). Every teacher who has this as a subject (usually incorporated into Health lessons) is required to have undertaken training first. In theory this is what DECD state but we all know that in the world of teaching not everything goes to plan.

The training is a one-day workshop. It doesn’t tax the brain at all and is straight-forward. If you are a teaching graduate you will find that much of the content was covered at university (or is just common sense). Once you have completed the necessary training you will have access to the documentation available at the RAN website.

Anyway, back to the lesson ideas! To ease the fear, and to incorporate some mathematical skills I decided to do a tally. This way the students shared and talked about their fears and found others in the class who felt the same. Having like-minded peers helped to ease any feelings of worry.

I created a basic sheet of boxes (10 to page) and laminated these as I used them in multiple classes. On the first sheet I labelled one column Tally and the other Total. 

Being younger and having many students who were just learning letters, let alone words, I decided to use a combination of pictures and words to represent their feelings. I took a bit of a punt on what might come up (although, I do admit that ‘cat’ and ‘dinosaur’ surprised me for this particular class). These wonderful cards were actually word wall cards which I downloaded for free over at SparkleBox.

The results were interesting (and slightly amusing) but it really helped to break the ice before discussing strangers.

Companion books to consider

Scaredy Book by Devon Sillett and illustrated by Cara King - read the review today at Miss Jenny's Classroom

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