Grug Meets Literacy and Art

Most Australian children (including myself) grew up reading and loving the Grug series by Australian author, Ted Prior. The lovable top of Burrawang tree his adventures are engaging for all young children.

As these books have simple illustrations and limited text they are not intimidating to struggling readers. The following activity was actually done first by the teacher in the classroom next door to me a few years ago. She had the children first draw Grug and then draw a space background (as it coincided with the Book Week theme for that year) before the children cut out and glued on their Grug.

I loved the idea but wanted to do something slightly different - so we didn't have the exact same display. This is what we did....

First, we needed to draw Grug. This only took 1 x 45 minute lesson (in a grade 1/2 class). If, like me, you need a simple way to create a drawing as you are not artistically talented I recommend using the following YouTube video: Ted Prior Draws Grug

I first played it through straight but it goes very quickly so when I played it the second time we paused it after each step for the kids to keep up.

Our library lesson occurred the following day and the students were tasked with finding a book (fiction or non-fiction) that interested them and borrow it. That afternoon they needed to read through their book as it was to become the setting of their own Grug adventure.

The next lesson each student received an A3 piece of white cartridge paper (the thickness provided a more sturdy working area) and they needed to draw a scene from their book that Grug would then be stuck on to.

The final step was each student need to type the title of their artwork (a used a template size). The students' chose their own font and typed their name.

Once Grug was glued on they were ready for display. Here is a selection of work:

For other fun activities based on Grug check out the My Grug website.

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