I Came From The Water: Book Review

Moses has lost his family to the floods. Then the earthquake comes. Then the chloera. Can Moses stay strong and keep going?

Bugs In My Hair!

Title: Bugs In My Hair
Author: David Shannon
ISBN: 9780545143134

Classification: Fiction with real life element
Themes: hygiene, lice/nits

Twisted Rhymes

As adults many of us learn about the truth behind modern fairytales and rhymes. If you don't already know, fairytales were originally intended for an adult audience and not children - thus the content and outcomes of the stories is often unrecognizable with their modern counterparts.

This is an activity I did based on the rhyme "Little Bo Peep". We know she lost her sheep but I wanted my class of  grade 6/7s to think outside the box. They needed to consider what the real story might have been behind the rhyme - as if it was in code.