Bugs In My Hair!: Book Review

Nits. Lice. Bugs in my Hair by David Shannon. Book review available at Miss Jenny's Classroom

Nits aka lice. You know when you’ve got them ’cause you start to scratch your head – it’s so itchy! Can you be rid of them forever?

Title: Bugs In My Hair
Author: David Shannon
Illustrator: David Shannon
ISBN: 9780545143134          Language: English

Classification: Fiction with real life element
Themes: hygiene, lice/nits

What’s it about?
This is a story about a boy who discovers that he has bugs in his hair – nasty little nits. He then goes through all the ways to get rid of the nits (including talking about some in history which we no longer use because they might just have killed you anyway).

The forever engaging pictures are a big draw card. Often on each page there are several elements to view and discuss – and lots of short facts instead of lengthy dialogue.

Reading this book may cause you to scratch your head unintentionally.

Bugs in my Hair by David Shannon. Book review available at Miss Jenny's ClassroomMy Thoughts
This was a great book that my grade 2/3 class adored and I’ll tell you why.

I had a particular problem with girls taking out their hair once their parents had dropped them off and touching heads with others. Now they didn’t seem bothered by it but I felt it was time to look at the consequences for this behaviour and I found this book to use.

They were a little grossed out when I said we were going to read it but ultimately they enjoyed it and talked about it. So many had had nits and never wanted to admit it but the boy and his feelings were so relevant that it relieved a lot of tension about the subject and made for some great Text-to-Self discussions and reflections.

This book was also good to look at facts, such as clean hair gets nits, too! We did a couple of activities to build upon these facts including looking at the history of nits treatment around the world. This was followed up by an activity where each student designed their own potion and potion bottle. They then had to write the ingredients (including the amount of each), method of application, and a danger warning if necessary. There was a lot of creative work done and covered art, literacy, mathematics, and health.

A very enjoyable, if itch-inducing, book that works well to tackle a rather taboo subject in an open and fun way.

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