Twisted Rhymes

As adults many of us learn about the truth behind modern fairytales and rhymes. If you don't already know, fairytales were originally intended for an adult audience and not children - thus the content and outcomes of the stories is often unrecognizable with their modern counterparts.

This is an activity I did based on the rhyme "Little Bo Peep". We know she lost her sheep but I wanted my class of  grade 6/7s to think outside the box. They needed to consider what the real story might have been behind the rhyme - as if it was in code.

Needless to say their exchanging looks of wary did become enthusiastic once they started.

For this activity, the students were each given...

* a copy of the rhyme "Little Bo Peep"
* worked in small groups to brainstorm ideas and thoughts
* drew 3 thumbnails of possible layouts for their artwork in their art journal
* produced their final copy on A3 paper.

This lesson took two separate lessons with a duration of about 60 minutes each.

Here's two examples...

Grade 7 example
Grade 6 example

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