Acknowledging Swimming Achievements

Kids Swimming (c) My Cute Graphics.
While it is extremely cold where I live at the moment (and would not even dream heading to the pool) the northern hemisphere are in summer. Summer is inevitably linked with sun, sand and water. The water part however can only be partly enjoyed if you haven't yet learned how to swim.

Swimming does not come naturally to all children. I know this because neither myself nor my brothers are particularly fond of swimming - we all have other activities we would much prefer to be doing. Also, some students struggle to learn to swim as they may not have the advantages of others - such as regular access to a public or private poor due to socio-economic or location factors.

Therefore it is important to acknowledge when students demonstrate a swimming skill. Not all will love laps, not all with like floating and there will always be at least one student who refuses to dive for rings or toy.

In response to these thoughts as well as memories of the years I have taken my class swimming only to have some students not receive a certificate (or worse yet receive the certificate with no skills ticked off) I sat down and created some that you can give to your students (or children if you homeschool).

They come in two formats - A4 size and A5 (there are 2 per page). The A4 will need to be trimmed but I can provide full page ones if you email after purchase.

Enjoy your summer and think about us that are shivering in the southern hemisphere!

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