The Doorbell Rang

Title: The Doorbell Rang
Author: Pat Hutchins
ISBN: 9780688092344

Classification: fiction with mathematical elements
Themes: mathematics (doubling), friends, visitors

What's it about?
This is a story about some yummy cookies being made and how many the children are get. At first there are only two, but soon the doorbell rings...and more and more visitors come. How many cookies will they get each?

I like the simple format to this story. It doesn't go into unnecessary details or dialogue. It features children who are different colours (important in any classroom so the children don't always see 'white'). Incorporating a mathematical element in a fun and engaging way,

I don't mind the illustrators but they can come across as being a little outdated.

My Recommendation...

Buy It
This was a favourite book of a grade 2 class I taught. The simple, repetitive format helped to engage students who struggled with literacy. It is easy to create activities for this book and use at hand math resources (such as counters) that the students can use as the story progresses. I recommend this as a purchase if you teach regularly in junior primary classes.

The Doorbell Rang

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