Birthday Cake Debate

This morning when I was reading the news this article from the Sydney Morning Herald caught my eye: "Birthday cakes banned at Only About Sydney childcare centre in Surry Hills".

There are, without a doubt, people who will have the opinion that this is unAustralian and ridiculous and then there will be those who will be thinking "Hooray!". Most of you are unfamiliar with the fact that I am not afraid to weigh in with my own opinion, so here it is...

Having grown up in a very religious family who didn't celebrate birthdays or other occasions from the age of 4 I used to dread birthday parties at school in particular. Often I would be asked to leave the room and go to the library. It was very isolating as I felt as though I was being punished.

Sports Day Lead-Up

As term four looms ahead many thoughts turn to Sports Day (the equivalent of Fields Day in the USA). While many schools have theirs in term 1 while summer is still in full swing many other schools choose term 4.

I remember practising endlessly with PE teachers in preparation for Sports Day. The enthusiasm of students when they saw the groundsman had marked out the running and hurdle tracks was overwhelming. All students would be out there at recess and lunch practising with friends. Does this still happen?

All About Me Displays (Japanese Version)

Looking for a new Getting To Know You activity for your Japanese language classroom this year? Look no further (but do click to Read More).

I Was Only 19 (A Walk in the Light Green): Music Review

A soldier recounts the trauma he saw and experienced while serving in the Vietnam War in one of Australia's most iconic hits.

The Name Jar

Title: The Name Jar
Author: Yangsook Choi
ISBN: 9780440417996

Classification: Fiction
Themes: cultural differences, identity, friendship

A Banquet

7 Wonders clipart (c) Phillip Martin
I have blogged before about my love of ancient civilisations. I love history and love to teach about it.

While digging through an old file (as I slow organise and burn them to CD) I came across some photos from a few years ago.

I taught in this particular composite 6/7 class for one term. They were a fairly sheltered bunch in the sense they attended a very small school and had limited exposure to different teachers - including teaching technique, style and expectations. I never apologise for the fact I have high expectations of students - how else will they challenge themselves?

Book Week 2015 Is Almost Here!

Books graphic
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Yes, it is already AUGUST!

Can you believe how quickly it has come? Me neither, but Book Week is just a couple of weeks away!

This year the week is from Saturday, 22nd August until Friday, 28th August. What makes this year special is that The Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA) is celebrating 70 years! I know I always looked forward to Book Week when I was in school and while I haven't seen the library transformations like when I was a kid I am sure there are librarians and library assistants working hard to ensure they create an super-engaging environment for the students!