Letter to the Beatles: Song Review

Song: Letter to the Beatles

Artist: Four Preps
Year: 1964
Nationality: American

Theme: pop culture, rhyming, humour

What's it about?
This is a ballad about a guy in love with his girlfriend who is obsessed with The Beatles and wants them to know just how much she loves them.

It's a catchy song with a repetitive chorus that is easy to learn. The story it tells is simply and can be easily related to more modern singers who have a similar following of fans.

You will probably need to inform some students who The Beatles were.

This may seem on the surface to be an odd choice of song for upper primary. When I first instructed a grade 6/7 class about this song it was met with numerous groans about how it was 'old' and 'out of date'. They listened to it once and insisted on hearing it several more times and I even got an impromptu performance from four girls in the class.

So why choose this song? I chose to use it because firstly it is catchy and despite popular belief most students are still drawn to a good beat. Secondly, the class I was working with needed to work on rhyming skills - they had none and could not identify any either - and this song has an abundance of rhymes to have them identify. Thirdly, this song is satire which allows for a different reflection of perspective - Why was the song written? What do you think the writers really felt about The Beatles? After doing rhyming activities and summary writing (what was the song about) we finally finished up with each student writing and drawing a comic strip of a section of the song. We used the template in Sheena Cameron's Publishing and Display Handbook.
Official Website

You can purchase the song for a small fee on iTunes.

I have not managed to locate an video of them performing this song - mainly due to the era they were at the height of their career.

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