Don't Tell Lies, Lucy

Title: Don't Tell Lies, Lucy
Author: Phil Roxbee Cox
ISBN: 0746097190

Classification: Fiction
Themes: moral, right & wrong

What's it about?
This is a story about Lucy. She likes to lie all the time about everything and she thinks other people do the same.

I like the repetitive phrases and simple language that is used; it speaks well to the target audience. The illustrations by Jan McCafferty are fun and age-appropriate.

The ending. A tidal wave/tsunami comes and washes Lucy away because the parents didn't lie about that.

My Recommendation...

Avoid It
I purchased this book sight-unseen. What I was hoping for was a basic book to read to my students about how lying can impact others and the way they see the person who tells the lies. Up to a point this book does do a great job...until the ending. I can't think why they would have an ending of Lucy being swept away because she told lies. Some kids might think it is funny but I don't. I don't feel that it adequately address the consequence of telling lies well. Young children may even worry that this might happen.

It is a book with good intentions but it just misses the mark. If you are looking for a book with this type of moral then go back to the Boy Who Cried Wolf as at least the consequence was logical to the story.

Don't Tell Lies, Lucy (Cautionary Tales)

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