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Here is post #2 about the forthcoming sale on TPT and all my products will be set at the highest discount including my mega packs and bundles. Remember the sale doesn’t begin until November 30th and finishes December 1st. For fellow Aussies that means it begins in the evening of November 30th and finishes in the morning of December 2nd – so straightforward!



Today’s post is about the products I have that cater to students
learning and teachers teaching the Dutch language. I chose this as my
second post in honor of my large following on Pinterest from The
Netherlands (aka The Nederlands or Holland).

The Dutch language is spoken in several countries other than The Netherlands including Belgium, Suriname and Aruba.

All these posters come in A4 and
Letter paper sizes. The text is Dutch.

COLOURS / KLEUREN have posters featuring the following colours:
* colour main poster
* red
* orange
* yellow
* green
* blue
* purple
* pink
* brown
* grey
* black
* gold
* silver
* white

There are 3 versions available.

Version 1: BUNDLE. It is the best value for money as it contains a full set of colour and blackline posters.

2: COLOUR only. A full set of colour posters. This is great for
printing, laminating and displaying as a reference for your students.

3: BLACKLINE only. A full set of blackline posters. This is the ideal
choice if you don’t have access (or have a limited on printable copies
at your school) to a colour printer. You can either colour this set
yourself or have the students in your class decorate and display them. I
suggest if you choose the latter to print a minimum of 2 x page to save
on paper and for a move manageable size for students to get finished
within a lesson.


Shapes are everywhere and these posters are aimed at beginners learning to name both 2D and 3D shapes. Please note that I have only included mathematical shapes (eg. you won’t find a heart or star in them!)
Posters included:

2D shapes:
* circle
* oval
* triangle
* square
* rectangle
* pentagon
* hexagon
* heptagon
* octagon
* nonagon
* decagon

3D shapes
* sphere
* cylinder
* cube
* pyramid
* cone

Thanks to RebeccaB for the use of her fabulous banners!


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