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A sale is coming on TPT and all my products will be set at the highest discount including my mega packs and bundles.

Now, I personally love a bargain and have myself been holding off buying a few things for next year because I had hoped a sale was coming – okay, so I can be a bit of a scrooge but with a single income and myself and two bubs I think being a scrooge (or thrifty) is a good thing.

I have been working on several new larger products as well as attending to a lot of language resource requests! I am also open though to put together a requested item!

I will be posting over the next couple of days one category at a time to highlight what resources I have.



I have noticed I have a strong following of readers from Russia and with that has come a few requests for resources. All these posters come in A4 and Letter paper sizes. The text is Russian.

COLOURS / цве́та
I have posters featuring the following colours:* colour main poster
* red
* orange
* yellow
* green
* blue
* purple
* pink
* brown
* grey
* black
* white are 3 versions available.

Version 1: BUNDLE. It is the best value for money as it contains a full set of colour and blackline posters.

Version 2: COLOUR only. A full set of colour posters. This is great for printing, laminating and displaying as a reference for your students.

Version 3: BLACKLINE only. A full set of blackline posters. This is the ideal choice if you don’t have access (or have a limited on printable copies at your school) to a colour printer. You can either colour this set yourself or have the students in your class decorate and display them. I suggest if you choose the latter to print a minimum of 2 x page to save on paper and for a move manageable size for students to get finished within a lesson.

FAMILY / семья

Family are important to everyone and these posters are in both Russian and English and feature a corresponding picture as well!

Posters included:
* Title card
* grandfather
* grandmother
* father
* dad
* mother
* mum
* mom
* parents
* brother
* sister


This set is more aimed at English-speaking students learning to count to 10 in Russian more-so than for classrooms in Russia. You could use this resource when doing a country theme or focus in your classroom.

This set features a girl in a traditional Russian costume, numeral, Russian word for the numeral and a 10-frame featuring Babushka dolls.

Thanks to RebeccaB for the use of her fabulous banners!


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