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Now while the Northern Hemisphere are (as of tomorrow) in winter us Southern Hemisphere people are about to be in summer. What does summer mean for us? Hot heatwaves and the pool or beach – whatever is the place to cool you down.


Swimming resources are sometimes tricky to find. Swimming week is at times for teachers and students a wash. If you swim in the morning by the time you go on the bus, have your lesson and get on the bus again it’s lunch time or for afternoon swimmers – almost home time. A lot of the resources below came about as I was wanting something quick, easy but still had value for learning.

The text is English (both US and Australian/British English where applicable).


This is still my bestselling item! It started off with just 4 pages oh how it has grown to 36!

* a boy cover (2 versions)
* a girl cover (2 versions)
* swimming gear
* safety around the pool
* what equipment I can use (now includes cut and paste as well)
* a page for recounting what they did at swimming “today” (which can be photocopied multiple times and used)
* a summary page of what they learned/learnt and liked most (2 versions included for Australian and US spelling)
* girl bather designer (basic)
* boy bather designer (basic)
* girl bather designer (draw and write to explain design choice)
* boy bather designer (draw and write to explain design choice)
* brainstorming page
* various recount templates for older students
* suggested presentation and brainstorm ideas

***Please note: All pages use line drawings (no colour)***


A great set of certificates that come in two sizes and in colour and blackline – perfect! Great way to acknowledge the swimming achievements of your students.

Certificates include…
– Diving Expert
– Just Like Flipper!
– Swims Like a Fish
– Undercover Fish
– Super Swimmer (boy and girl versions)
– Fantastic Floating (boy and girl versions / white and dark skin)
– Superb Swimming with circle (boy and girl versions / 5m and 10m)
– Superb Swimming with splash (boy and girl versions / 5m and 10m)
– Congratulations with circle (boy and girl versions / 5m and 10m)
– Congratulations with splash (boy and girl versions / 5m and 10m)


A resources that can be used with the journal this set includes words and corresponding picture.

* bathers
* kickboard
* diving rings
* towel
* flip flops
* sunscreen
* sun block
* tube
* trunks
* water
* flippers
* hat
* noodle
* splash
* goggles
* bubbles
* hair brush
* lifejacket
* t-shirt
* life vest
* pool

Use 1: cut and laminate so that students can practice words, such as writing their name.
Use 2:
print and use to label class seats or areas during swimming week.

Thanks to RebeccaB for the use of her fabulous banners!


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