The Tale of the Lucky Cat: Book Review

Title: The Tale of the Lucky Cat
Author: Sunny Seki
ISBN: 0966943791

Classification: Fiction
Themes: Japan, history, legends, courage, compassion, resilience

What's it about?
A little cat is rescued by a young man who travels from town to town to sell his toys after he is injured by a cart. Though he little himself, the man shares what he has with the injured cat...sadly the cat passes away. The young man continues his journey and believes he sees the cat and moves towards it - only for the mirage to have saved his life. He decides that he wants to make a toy in honor of the little cat but his efforts fail...until an old craftsman gives him some advice.

The beautiful illustrations tell the story as well as the words. This is a well paced story that demonstrates both the importance of compassion for creatures (cat) and being persistent to achieve a goal (to make the toy).

The cat dies (possibility for tears!)

My Thoughts...

Use It
I just love this book. It is a fantastic length for using with younger students - I have used with students as low as grade 1 - and they actually become invested in the young man achieving his goal. Yes, there have been tears because the cat dies (even a couple from me when I first read it!) but it all has a purpose. The best thing about using this book were the connections the students made to having seen the statue toys Maneki Neko in local restaurants. I recommend buying this one and having it in your classroom library - my students enjoyed going back to this one!

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