A Gift of Time

I have been thinking a lot about what I might give to my children on their next birthday - it's a while off but it's never too early to start planning! I really want to be able to give them more than just "stuff". My house is already full of stuff (which I am now sorting through and making the tough decisions on) and with the passing of two family members I know how precious time you spend with loved ones can be. My grandparents were always at a loss as to what to give - and this leads me to my latest creation!

A coupon book. As simple as it sounds it was hard work coming up with 23 individually different coupons. Most are about spending time doing something with a child - there are a couple that involve spending a few dollars - such as allowing them to choose a meal or a special dessert - but the bulk are about doing things together. What better present can you give your child than that?

I reckon that there are two ways that you can use these handy little coupons...

The first is to print them out and bind them (using a stapler or ribbon) and give the entire book to your child for a special occasion - maybe their birthday or even as a Christmas present.

The second is to print, laminate, hole punch and store on
a ring - that way you can hand them out one at a time. Maybe give out one when they achieve something. If you have more than one kid write their name on the white band on the left to keep track of all the coupons!

I hope you'll love this book as much as I do! You can purchase this from my TPT store - click the image below.


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