Aussie Mossie: Song Review

Song: Aussie Mossie
Artist: Don Spencer
Year: 1988
Nationality: Australian

Narrative with science elements

What's it about?
This is a song about mosquitoes and the sheer annoyance they create and itchy sensation they leave one they have bitten you.

It is fun and catchy. The chorus is very easy to pick up.


A song from my childhood I could relate to this song. I was always being bitten by mosquitoes and had the red rashes to prove it. In the song when he says about how you can hear her - that sound is still enough to get me going on a mossie hunt!

This is the ideal song for introducing this annoying insect to a class. It details how it is only the female mossie who bites and about the behaviour of mossies in general.

  You can purchase the song for a small fee on iTunes.

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