Getting Organised

Going through my organisation tub (I should write one of my organisation tubs) I came across some of the materials I use at the beginning of the year. The tubs were meant to make it easy for me just to grab them and take to a new classroom in the new year and know I had everything ready to go - of course I am still looking for the one thing I was searching for...fingers crossed it is in the other tub!

So here is one of my favourite additions to the classroom. I bought the weekly planner (the entire thing is whiteboard marker friendly and is completely magnetic!) from the local cheap store - from memory it cost about $5 AUD. I purchased it as I wanted something my students could refer to for reminders about when things were due that was separate to my diary homework etc.

This I found was a great way to set up the week so the students knew if we had assembly on Friday (so at least they would remember if I forgot), was banking on Tuesday, were the Book Clubs due (yes in this case!), or was there some other event planned.

The card at the bottom is a goodbye rhyme - these are good for younger grades (wouldn't use beyond grade 2). I printed them in colour, mounted onto different coloured paper and laminated. Then I had to re-cut out and add Blu-Tac to get them to stick to the board. They are a lot of fun and the best thing is that they are Free! To download your copy head over to Cara Carroll's TPT Goodbye Rhymes*.

Stay tuned for more organisation ideas for your classroom in 2016 or if you can't wait and need ideas now please check out my Pinterest board!

*Please note: I have noticed that since I printed mine she has updated them - I am still liking the simple writing on mine better but you may like the more 'lively' collection of writing on the new version.

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