Possum in the House: Book Review

Title: Possum in the House
Author: Kiersten Jensen
ISBN: 9780949130020

Classification: Fiction
Themes: Australia, mischief, possums

What's it about?
This is an easy fiction book about what happens when a possum from the bush finds itself inside a lovely, neat home.

It repeats! A great story to have students join in with the chanting. Large, clear font for the writing and a very clutter-free presentation for the pages. Lots of white space!

I wanted more...oh, wait - there are now two more books. Disregard!

My Thoughts...

Use It
This is a fun book about a native Australian animal and the book hasn't aged a bit since 1986 thanks to republishing. The illustrations by Tony Oliver are just gorgeous and you really do end up with a soft spot for this little possum. It is also a really good story to discuss about rooms in the house and what you would find in there. It's fun and light - great choice for an afternoon story before home-time with the class.

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