Year of the Monkey Flipbook

As 2015 quickly appears to be coming to a close here is another post for all you organised bunnies for 2016.

I posted a few weeks back that 2016 will be the Year of the Monkey in both China and Japan. In order to have a bit of fun (and learn something of course!) I have put together a flipbook (also known as flip books). Now this is only the second flipbook I have ever made - but they are fun and students do seem to enjoy doing the activities and putting them together!

What's so special about it? Lots!

The age for this one is upper primary and junior high school (in Aussie terms - so grade 5-8). It will largely depend on the reading ability level of your class and how 'sensitive' they are. What do I mean by that - to put it bluntly this pack includes an original retelling of the traditional folktale "Monkey-Crab Battle". I debated whether to go traditional with the violence or tone it down and I decided to be a purist! For me the growing up the wolf did die when the Woodcutter found him in Little Red Riding Hood! I think by the time students reach upper primary we should be wrapping them in cotton wool - plus it would have changed the entire point of the story and then it really isn't anything to do with Japan by then anyway. So I kept it real! (So to speak).

So what's in it?
* 7 page flipbook
* Additional activity pieces
* Information about the monkey zodiac
* Information about the 3 Wise Monkeys
* Full-page poster of the 3 Wise Monkeys statue in Nikko, Japan
* Fact sheet about Japanese Macaques (Monkey)
* An original 6 page retelling of the traditional story "Monkey-Crab Battle"
* Extension activity for early finishers

All sheets are in blackline (black and white) but I have also included the posters, story cover and information page in colour.

How long will it keep them busy?
Approx time to complete will vary depending on the ability level of reading in your class. Independent students will finish in about 2 hours but allow up to 3 hours for other students.

Does it have the answers included?
No answer key is included but I have included an example of a completed flipbook by a student. Answers will vary in some cases between students due to the nature of the questions, such as opinions.

What do I need to provide?
Just the basics of...
* split pins (13mm are perfect) - 2 per student
* glue sticks
* lead and coloured pencils
* marker (optional)

Sound fun? It's available for purchase right now on TPT. Just click below!

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