A Little Election Flipbook

So I posted a book review of Danny Katz's book A Little Election. Lots of you liked and and emailed asking what activities I did with the book - so I have worked hard to polish up my flipbook so you can get your class as interested in this topic as mine were.

This book is written for an Aussie audience but to be honest it could be used in any country that elects a Prime Minister through a democratic vote for a political party.

This flipbook activity is best done at the start of the year. Most Aussie school who have SRC reps will elect them sometime in the first two weeks of school. I usually complete this activity towards the end of week 1/beginning of week 2 to give them time to get to know each other and finish off the activities.

Now, let's get to the good stuff!

What you will need
* a copy of A Little Election by Danny Katx
* a copy of the flipbook (1 per student)
* a box of some description (tissue boxes or flip-top boxes work well)

This is going to depend on your class but you need to allow at least 2 x 1.5 hour lessons. I found afternoon lessons worked well.

What's flipping?
Firstly, I like to read to page 19 in A Little Election and stop there so the class doesn't know who wins the election.

Activities include....

What makes a good leader. You may wish to brainstorm this as a class first or just have students write their thoughts directly on their page and then share. Either way, make sure you get the class talking.

Opinion writing. I love giving students a statement to see if they agree or not. I got a mixed response last year for this one.

Subjectively looking at characters. For once the students get to put the facts aside and go with their gut - you will get some hilarious responses. This activity also includes two foldables to make. The example shown included that Rory shouldn't get the vote because he is a boy.

Count the vote is an actual voting task to do based on A Little Election. Ballot papers are also included and the graph caters for classes up to 34. You may wish to call out the votes and tally on a board or just have the students mark the results one at a time as you call them. Up to you.


Ballot Box
It is so much for fun to have the role-play activity. You could just collect the votes for Debra-Jo and Rory but come on - let's get creative.

I used a little flip-top box (I got it at a discount because there was a tear on the bottom from Cheap as Chips. It was also my first class mailbox before we got...well a real mailbox).

I printed the sign in colour (included with the flipbook) and laminated (as I use it every year). I tried to find clipart that was country-neutral - this was the best I could do - not a lot of Aussie-specific clipart out there at the moment!

I attached a name / place holder tag (apparently people use them on table to put a sign in to show who sits where - they were about .75 cents from a newsagency) with Velcro towards the back.

Then I just slip the laminated sign into the holder and voila! I had myself a ballot box!

Slogan writing. This activity breaks up the writing to let them be creative. You can either use the page for ideas and then have them create their slogan on a larger sheet of paper - or do ideas in the back of their book and use the sheet as the good copy.

Speech. Yes, time for the students to all think about their good points. A lot of students tend to write this piece for their SRC speech. Whether they actually run for the position of not it is good to have the students write about the positive point about themselves and have a "maybe I can be a leader" attitude as opposed to "I wouldn't be good as a leader".

I have thrown in a lesson plan I wrote - I also did an activity with my class of the Australian prime ministers from Edmund Barton to present - but this isn't included in this flipbook. I may look at that set later on though.

Yes please, I want this flipbook!
Just click the picture below!

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