Sunday, 10 January 2016

A Little Election: Book Review

Title: A Little Election
Author: Danny Katz
ISBN: 9781922179654

Classification: Fiction
Themes: civics - voting, democracy, Australia

What's it about?
This is the story of Rory who decides one day he is going to be Prime Minister (even though he has a booger hanging out of his nose and bites people on the butt). His teacher calmly explains to him that you can't just decide to be Prime Minister - that an election needs to be held. Up steps Debra-Jo who also wants to be Prime Minister and the process begins.

This is a humorous look at what can be an extremely dull and uninteresting topic (to me at least). It is funny, engaging and students can relate to the characters. It has fantastic illustrations that really do speak as loudly as the text itself.

Hmmm - Rory likes to pee in the swimming pool? Bite butts? Nothing really to be concerned with here!

My Thoughts...

Use It
I purchased this book as I was desperate for a new way to choose the school representative council (SRC) representatives. Plus with the new Civics and Citizenship strand in the Australian Curriculum (and I had year 3s that year) I needed something! I was not disappointed at all by the book and my students had a blast reading it and completing activities. I must say that I also had a record number of students write speeches for the role of SRC and they even chose well! Politics, democracy, government - it can all be rather boring at times but this book can catch the interest of even the more disengaged student.

A Little Election

Get to know the author
I couldn't track down an official site for Danny Katz but the illustrator, Mitch Vane, does - why not head over and check it out!

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