Bee-ginnings!'s post is bee-themed! Instead of one activity to do at the beginning of the year, this includes two! Yay!

These activities though could be used at any time. Look out for the link to a freebie as well for you to download for your own goal activity!

Both of these activities go really well with Buzzy, the Bumblebee. If you missed the book review of it you can the cover and have a read.

Goal Bees

What you need...
* bee template
* cardboard (various colours)
* 1 long pipe cleaners (also called chenille sticks) per student
* 3 short pipe cleaners per student
* a piece of netting 30 x 30 cm per student
* scissors
* pencils
* single hole puncher

After I read this story with my class the other year I had a bee template ready to go for goals. I had used the template to trace onto large pieces (A2) of cardboard and in a variety of colours and just cut them out as rectangles - leaving the students to cut them out properly.

On one side of the bee they wrote...

I believe this term I can....

and on the other side

I believe this year I can...

This way the they each had a short and long term goal to work on.

At this point it is easiest to have the wing line sliced (or if using a Stanley knife/box cutter) you may wish to do this prior to the lesson depending on the age of the students. 

Once the goals had been written they drew on some eyes and then came forward to choose their antennae (long pipe cleaners) and legs (short pipe cleaners). They chose where to punch the holes (one on the top of the head) and three on the body. The pipe cleaners were threaded halfway through, twisted and then shaped.

To make the wings they each folded the netting accordion-style and carefully threaded it through. A paper clip threaded through the top makes for easy hanging on a wire - or fishing line works well too!

Click the picture below for the template - don't worry, it's free!

What's Your Name?
This second activity was actually from a music PD I attended a couple of years ago.

It is not necessary to have the music notes that I have but we used it as a music lesson as well. I can't provide the actual copy as I didn't make it but the lyrics to the song are:

Bee Bee Bumble Bee
Can you sing your name to me?
My name is ____________

The way I set this up is to have the students sit, or stand, in a circle. I used the beat to bob a toy bee at each student.

Where the 1 equals a 'bob' at a student eg. Bee (1), Bee (1), Bum(1), ble(1), Bee(1)

Once the student has sung their name I get them to put out their legs (if sitting) or sit down (standing). I keep going around the circle until there is no one left.

I keep my little bee and the music in a little tub together - firstly because it makes it easier to store in the cupboard and secondly so I don't lose any bits!

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