Let's Play Supermarket!

Whether you teach in a classroom or homeschool your kids there is nothing as fun and exciting as doing role-plays. A favourite of mine is the supermarket role-play. Not only can you teach about grocery names but also prices, money, change (subtraction) and let's not forget customer service!

What can you use then in order to have a variety of food that will not go-off, mouldy, or cost a fortune? Here are a few ideas.

Pool Noodles

Yes, they are a handy little invention if you are willing to make up your own groceries. The best thing is that they are relatively easy to cut, lightweight and maintain their shape fairly well - and they are easy to make.

To the left is a variety of styles created, not by me, my Mum who is very crafty and clever in all these types of matters.

Can of Mushrooms
The "I'm Not Crafty" version

What you will need...
* a pool noodle
* felt
* material with a specific food - check out fabric stores
* sewing needle
Can of Peas
* cotton thread

This is the easiest style to make. Cut your noodle to the desired size (about 10 cm is good). Cut the fabric to go around middle, pin, remove, stitch and slide on - or you can sew it closed while it is on the noodle for a tighter fit.

Trace around the noodle using a marker onto felt x 2. Cut them out and sew onto the top and bottom using a blanket style stitch.

The "I Like It But Want More Detail!" version

If you are a bit more confident with your sewing you might what to try this version instead.

You will need...* pool noodle
* plain fabric
* fabric with labels on it - fabric stores usually have something
* felt
* needle
* sewing cotton

Everything is done pretty much the same as above except before you sew on that first piece of fabric...Cut out the desired label and blanket stitch onto the plain fabric.

The "I Can Knit and Crochet" version

Knitted Strawberry Milk carton
Knitted Strawberry Milk
If you have the skills then the sky is the limit with creating different foods. There are many free and paid patterns you can get on the Internet and in craft books. Here is a selection of knitted and crocheted items. Some use pool noodles (as above) whereas other items are anchored flat with a milk bottle lid and others have nothing in them bar craft stuffing.

Knitted pumpkin using rug yarn
and variegated 8ply green wool

Knitted pumpkin using rug yarn
and variegated 8ply green wool

Knitted Soup and Baked Beans Cans
Can of Fish (knitted)
Sauce bottle. Knitted
and has a milk bottom
lid at the base
Felt Watermelon

Knitted Lettuce
Knitted Cabbage

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