My Book of Love

Yes, it is February already! For many people February symbolises love as Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14th.

In some countries, Valentine's Day is about couples sharing love but in other countries it is more about friendship. Honestly, I like the friendship and loving things in general vibe for Valentine's Day. It's a much more child-friendly view.

Finding worthwhile activities for the classroom is actually a little tough. In Australia, we don't 'theme' our mathematics or literacy lessons - we barely get enough time to teach! This presented me with a problem to activity that is worthwhile, not particularly themed but still enjoyable....and guess what? I came up with a brilliant idea...but you have to click into this post to see it!

Very good, I have your attention.


My Book of Love

Special thanks to Dana for completing an example for me. She's in grade 4.

This is a fun way to celebrate love in general but works especially well for Valentine's Day in the classroom.

This tab book has a total of 8 pages - counting the cover. In total there are 7 pages with tabs (cute little template - I'll put a link at the bottom where you can buy it!). Each tab looks at something different that the student loves. I purposely also added that they needed to write the reason/s why. At this grade level students should be starting to justify their answers so as a teacher I recommend keeping an eye on how well that do that part.

The first thing to do is print out all the pages. The examples shown below are the A4 examples - the Letter version is slightly different as I had to top and tail more to maximise the size of the book. I've made it economical for printing by having two pages per sheet. The finished size is about 15.5 cm. or 6.1 in.

Then complete each page...except the tab (I'll get to that).

If your students just want to colour the tabs in different colours they can go ahead and do that now.

If however they want to make tabs like Dana did it is important to cut out and order now. All pages are numbered at the top (except the front cover) so if that one student in your class drops them on the ground or says they don't know what order....point out the numbers. Numbering goes...front cover, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (How simple is that?!)

Once stapled then go ahead and get them to picture the tabs - they can see what space they have (as you can see in Dana's "Animals I love" age she drew the little cat first and then realised it wouldn't be seen.

And then you are done - how about that for a fun writing task? Not to mention the colouring and cutting practise!

If you would like to purchase the tab book - click the picture below.

If you would like to purchase the clipart template to make your own little books -
click the picture below.

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