Green Tree Frogs: Book Review

Title: Green Tree Frogs
Author: Sandra Kendell


Classification: Fiction
Themes: rhyme, onomatopoeia, life-cycles

What's it about?
This is a story mainly about a cold, wet and windy night that brings out the green tree frogs. It describes their croaking sound, behaviour, ridiculous places they decide to hide (such as toilets) and even includes the life-cycle - and all of this is done in rhyme!

This is a fun book with stunning illustrators (done by the author). The simple sentences and rhyme help move the story forward and gives the reader a real sense of being there watching the frogs. The story is also a great length as you could read the entire story in a single sitting without kids becoming restless.

You might never look at a toilet the same way again? Seriously, nothing to be concerned about.

My Thoughts...

Use It
I bought this book because it was about green tree frogs - I own two myself (though they are securely enclosed in a large tank) and I thought this book would be ideal for reading with my own children when they get a bit older.

Sandra's illustrations are always beautiful and while this is the first book I have reviewed of hers I do own several. I think I am very attracted to the bright and engaging "look" of the illustrations. For example, just look at the frog on the cover - he is telling you that you really should be reading this book and if you're not - why not?

I feel the added bonus with this book is how the Sandra has cleverly interwoven the life-cycle into a rhyming book that is fictitious. That is no small feat - especially to keep it so engaging.

For teachers this is perfect for your grade 2 students as they look at life-cycles of frogs. Additionally it crosses over well to look at writing elements of rhyme, story structure and onomatopoeia words without a "babyish" context.
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